From Deserts to Hills: MedCab's Journey to Provide Emergency Ambulance Service in Rajasthan.

From Deserts to Hills: MedCab's Journey to Provide Emergency Ambulance Service in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan, the ‘Land of Kings’ is a historical city in India. The state is famous for its historical forts, temples, lakes, and amazing palaces. Also, Rajasthan is known for the Thar Desert and the Aravalli Range. It is the largest Indian state in terms of Area and the seventh largest by population with around 68,548,437 people. It is a challenging task to provide quality ambulance services to such a large population and areas. Most of the area of Rajasthan is desert and hilly, which makes it even more difficult to provide better ambulance services. Despite all these challenges, MedCab is committed to providing better emergency ambulance service in Rajasthan.


Currently, Only 741 ambulances are providing services to around 70 million people in Rajasthan. This is a very low number to provide proper ambulance services for this huge population. About 42% of Rajasthan ambulances are deployed in only urban areas. Most people live in rural areas in Rajasthan and they do not receive ambulance services properly in emergencies. The private ambulance price in Rajasthan is very high for poor people. MedCab has emerged as a ray of hope for the people of Rajasthan. The ambulance services of MedCab are created to provide rapid response and expert care in the time of medical emergencies. We transport patients from one location to another location or your chosen hospital as quickly as possible. Our ambulances are equipped with modern medical equipment and trained medical staff. Also, our ambulances have warning lights and sirens mounted on the front side of the vehicle.


Geographically Rajasthan is a very dense and vast state, where distances can be long and time-consuming, A reliable emergency ambulance service in Rajasthan is not just a luxury but a needful. In this blog, We will discuss the condition of the emergency ambulance service in Rajasthan and how MedCab plays a crucial role in offering swift and quality transport of patients in emergencies.


Types of Ambulance Services available in Rajasthan


Rajasthan, India's largest state requires all types of ambulance services to provide timely medical treatment. Like any other city, MedCab has all types of ambulance services in Bikaner, Ajmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jota, and all other cities of Rajasthan including rural and remote areas.   


Emergency Ambulance Service in Rajasthan


Rajasthan is a state with a unique set of healthcare challenges, especially in emergency medical services. It has vast rural areas and it’s a challenging task to provide timely medical care in emergencies. Emergency ambulance services can be used in medical emergencies such as Road Accidents,  Cardiac arrests, Strokes, Major burns, Electric shock, Pregnancy, etc   


MedCab offers emergency ambulance service in Rajasthan. Our well-equipped Advance Life Support Ambulances (ALS) ensure that patients receive necessary medical treatments during transportation.


Non-Emergency Ambulance Service in Rajasthan


These services are used to transport patients who do not require immediate medical treatment but need assistance in getting to medical appointments, regular hospital visits, hospital discharge, clinics, Diagnostic center visits, Airport pick up and Drop for patients, or other medical facilities.

MedCab offers non-emergency ambulance services in Rajasthan. We use Basic Life Support Ambulances (BLS) for transporting noncritical patients from one location to another.


Wheelchair Ambulance Service in Rajasthan

These ambulances are used to provide transportation for those who have mobility challenges and who use wheelchairs. Wheelchair ambulance services are also known as wheelchair taxi services. These ambulances are useful for patients to medical appointments, hospital or clinic visits for routine check-ups, or specialized medical care.          

MedCab has well-designed vehicles and trained staff to ensure that patients receive the quality service they need in Rajasthan. We transport patients safely and timely to their chosen destination.


Air Ambulance Service in Rajasthan

Air Ambulance Service in Rajasthan will play a vital role in saving patients’ lives because Road ambulances face major challenges in transporting patients quickly due to Rajasthan’s vast desert expenses and remote areas. This service is useful in emergencies like accidents, heart attacks, any body part failure, or any other life-threatening situations.

MedCab Air Ambulance service can transport patients from remote or rural areas to hospitals for advanced medical facilities. We ensure that the transportation process will be seamless and as soon as possible.


Dead Body Ambulance Service in Rajasthan

These ambulances are used for transporting a dead person from the hospital to home, from home to a crematorium, or from one location to your chosen location. Mortuary ambulances have the facility of freezer boxes inside the vehicle, which is used to avoid the decay of dead bodies.

MedCab transport dead body with respect and dignity and our medical staff provides moral support to the family. We also have the facility of dead body transportation by Air ambulance in Rajasthan.




Rajasthan is the land of deserts, hilly regions, and rural and remote areas, They can pose unique challenges for ambulance services. MedCab ambulance service in Rajasthan is not just a transportation service, It is a lifeline that connects people of Rajasthan in need with timely medical care. MedCab has well-maintained ambulances, trained staff, and a variety of ambulances. 

With their fast service, MedCab is proving that every second counts when it comes to saving lives during a medical emergency. To avail of our ambulance service in all the major cities of Rajasthan like Ajmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Kota, etc. You just need to book an ambulance by using the MedCab App or by just dialing our emergency ambulance booking number 18008-908-208. We offer you quality ambulance service according to the patient’s medical information given by you while booking.

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