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International Air Ambulance Services

MedCab is India’s leading and prominent air ambulance service provider. We understand the urgency of medical emergencies that’s why our air ambulance services are available 24/7 to make those crucial moments count in your favor. Our air ambulance services are known for their quick response and timely transportation. We provide high-quality air transportation services for your long-distance specialized medical treatment at affordable charges. Our air ambulance services ensure fast, secure, national and international medical transportation for prompt care across the world. We provide the best and most affordable air ambulance services in all major cities of India.

MedCab's Global Patient Transportation to India by Air

Welcome to MedCab’s reliable and trusted air ambulance service to transport patients from any country to India safely. We provide top-notch air ambulance services at low cost. In case of emergency, if you are looking for a reliable air ambulance service to transport your critically ill loved ones from another country to India then MedCab is the best choice for you. We provide air medical transportation facilities from global to all major cities of India at reasonable prices. We also provide repatriation services from another country to India.

Our Air Ambulance Services include

Emergency Air Ambulance Service:
MedCab understands the urgency of medical emergencies and the need for timely and efficient medical transportation. Our air ambulances are equipped with advanced medical equipment and highly trained medical professionals to provide patients with the best possible care during their air journey.

Repatriation Air Ambulance Service:
When your loved one dies, it is a very emotional moment and if he dies far from home then bringing his body back to India is a challenging task and you need a reliable and notable repatriation air ambulance service provider. We handle all the arrangements including body clearances and documentation to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

Expert Care:
Our advanced aircraft are designed to safely transfer critical patients from any corner of the world to India. Our air vehicles are equipped with the latest medical equipment and skilled doctors to provide patients with expert care during transportation.

Why Choose MedCab Air Ambulance Service

24*7 Availability:
Medical emergencies can occur at any time that’s why MedCab air ambulance services from other countries to India for medical evacuation are available 24*7 whether it's day or night. Our advanced air ambulances with a dedicated medical team including doctors, nurses and paramedics are always ready to respond to your needs.

Bed To Bed Patient Transfer Services:
We understand the value of continuity of expert care during air evacuation. Our team is highly trained & skilled and dedicated 24*7 to work for shifting patients safely. Trust, MedCab for a smooth and safe bed to bed patient transfer experience.

Our primary aim is to provide life-saving ambulance services at an affordable cost because our aim is that budget should never be a barrier to accessing timely and efficient medical transportation services in any corner of the world. Our air ambulance cost is more affordable than others for medical transportation.

Ambulance Services


Medical First Responder

Medical First Responder (MFR) ambulances are the first responders to any medical emergency. They are equipped with basic medical equipments and trained medical personnel to stabilize patients until more advanced care arrives.


Emergency Kit

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How To Book Air Ambulance Service from International Country to India

MedCab makes the ambulance booking process easy by offering online booking methods through its app and website. you can now book an air ambulance to transfer patients from any country to India with just a few clicks from any corner of the world.

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Here's how you can book an air ambulance service:

We understand the importance of quick and efficient medical assistance in an emergency and this increases further when a patient has to be transported to India from another country. Our air ambulance service is available 24/7 for medical transportation from another country to India. Trust us that you receive affordable cost air ambulance services without compromising the quality.

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