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Welcome to MedCab’s Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance service in India. BLS ambulances are the most commonly used ambulances to transport patients in India. These ambulances carry all medical transport needs such as emergency, non-emergency and routine checkups for patients. BLS ambulance refers to an ambulance that provides basic life support to patients. These ambulances are equipped with basic medical equipment such as oxygen cylinders, first aid kits, basic medicines, wheelchairs and stretchers to provide first medical care during medical transportation.

Basic Life Support Ambulances play a vital role in providing timely medical assistance to those in need. It provides necessary clinical help during medical transfer till the patient is shifted to the hospital. In emergencies, when every second counts, having a reliable ambulance service provider like MedCab is prominent. We provide high-quality and well-equipped basic life support (BLS) ambulances for all your medical transportation needs at affordable prices.

BLS Ambulance Emergency Number in India


During critical medical situations, every second is important to save patients' lives. MedCab provides a 24/7 BLS ambulance phone number at 18008-908-208, a dedicated number for quick ambulance booking. When it comes to medical transportation needs, just search for bls ambulance near me and call our ambulance number. Why should you call us? Firstly, we have a vast network of accredited BLS-basic life support ambulance providers with all the basic medical equipment and highly skilled medical teams. Calling our BLS ambulance number means you'll have access to the best care available, no matter where you are in India. Don't wait for emergencies, save our ambulance number in your phone for any kind of medical emergency. Don’t hesitate, to call now to book the best and most affordable BLS ambulance service in India.

When to Choose MedCab's BLS service in India

You can book MedCab’s basic life support ambulance services for various types of medical transportation:

Non-Emergencies: BLS ambulances are mostly used for non-emergency medical transportation like routine checkups, or hospital visits.

Emergency: Basic life support ambulances are also used in emergency conditions and those patients who need necessary medical care during transfer.

Inter-Hospital Transfers: BLS ambulances are used for safe and quick transfer between hospitals or clinics.

Immediate Assistance: People who have been injured in accidents and require immediate medical attention.

Why Choose MedCab Ambulance Service

MedCab is a leading and prominent ambulance service provider of India. We are committed to providing timely and efficient medical transportation at affordable prices in times of need. 

Quick Response: We understand the urgency of critical situations in emergencies that’s why we respond quickly to your ambulance booking request and dispatch a nearby available ambulance at your location.

All India Coverage: We are proud to provide ambulance services including BLS-Basic Life Support in all geographically diverse regions of India. You can also search for an ambulance near me and visit our website to get more information related to our BLS ambulance coverage.

Well-Equipped Ambulances: Our basic life support ambulances are equipped with all the basic medical equipment and staffed with trained medical professionals to provide immediate medical assistance during transportation. 

Type of Ambulances: We offer all types of ambulance services apart from basic life support (BLS) ambulance services like advanced life support ambulances, air ambulances, dead body ambulances, and train ambulances to cater to all kinds of medical transportation needs.

How to Book a BLS ambulance online through the MedCab App

MedCab understands the importance of every second in emergencies that’s why we offer a user-friendly mobile app to book an ambulance online and hassle-free. 

Following are some easy steps to book a basic life support ambulance service in India with your smartphone:

Step 1: Download the MedCab App from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Register your account by verifying through OTP.

Step 3: Tap on the "Book Ambulance" button on the home screen.

Step 4: Select "BLS ambulance" from the ambulance category.

Step 5:  Enter your pickup location and the destination you want to reach.

Step 6: Choose a suitable payment method and confirm the booking.

Step 7: You will receive a confirmation message along with the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the ambulance.

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