A Closer Look at Emergency Ambulance Service in Madhya Pradesh

A Closer Look at Emergency Ambulance Service in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh known as the Tiger State of India, is a popular state in India. It is located in the central part of India that’s why it is called “The Heart of India.” MP is famous for its Culture, Heritage, Historical Monuments, Tiger Reserves, National Parks and Mines. It has three United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites: Bhimbetka rock shelters, Sanchi Stupa, and Khajuraho Monuments.


Madhya Pradesh’s official capital is Bhopal and the largest city is Indore (India’s cleanest city) with Jabalpur, Gwalior, Ujjain, and Rewa being the other famous cities. It is the 2nd largest state by area and the 5th largest state by population in India. The government of Madhya Pradesh is not able to provide adequate ambulance services for such a large area and population. The healthcare facilities are not the same in all areas of the state, especially in remote areas. The basic medical facilities are not available in rural and remote areas of MP. The Central Government started the 108 emergency numbers to provide emergency services. 108 ambulance MP is not especially for emergency medical or ambulance services. This emergency number in Madhya Pradesh is the one-stop solution for three major emergencies, Police, Fire, and Ambulance Services. But one of its disadvantages is that having the same number for all three services creates confusion and also takes more time.


The population of Madhya Pradesh is more than 7.5 million according to the 2011 census. For such a large population, the number of government ambulances is very low and it fails to meet the emergency needs of all the people. MedCab is a leading and reliable ambulance service provider in the state. Our teams are full of dedicated and trained medical staff to provide better emergency ambulance service in Madhya Pradesh.


Why Trust MedCab Emergency Ambulance Service in Madhya Pradesh?


When it comes to emergency ambulance service in Bhopal, MedCab is the leading and finest ambulance service provider. We understand the importance of times in emergencies that’s why we provide the highest quality of emergency medical care as soon as possible. We take quick response to your booking to ensure that the people of Madhya Pradesh get the very best ambulance service possible. Here are some key advantages of booking ambulances from MedCab:


Quick Response Time     


At the time of medical emergencies, the patient's life can be saved if medical facilities are provided at the right time. MedCab is known for its fast and quality service. You can book an ambulance in just a minute with the MedCab mobile app or by just dialing the emergency ambulance number in Madhya Pradesh 18008-908-208. Our dedicated team respond to your booking immediately and dispatch your nearest available ambulances to you.


Trained Staff and Advanced Medical Equipment


MedCab has well-equipped and maintained ambulances to provide high-quality services. In medical emergencies, primary medical care is critical until an ambulance can take patients to the hospital. MedCab has highly trained medical staff to give patients the necessary medical treatment en route to the hospital. Primary medical treatment can be important in stabilizing patients. 


Also, our ambulances are equipped with advanced medical types of equipment including ventilators, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, etc.


Wide Coverage


MedCab is attached to all the major hospitals across Madhya Pradesh. Also, we have a broad network of ambulances in the cities of Madhya Pradesh such as MedCab ambulances in Ujjain, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Indore, ambulance in Gwalior, etc. It ensures that we respond quickly to medical emergencies in all locations of Madhya Pradesh including rural and remote areas.


Availability 24/7


In times of medical emergencies, the availability of an ambulance can save your valuable life by transporting you quickly to the hospital. We're more than just a service, Our dedicated healthcare partner is available 24/7 any time day or night.  We are just a call and a few taps away. You can easily book an emergency ambulance service in Madhya Pradesh by just dialing 18008-908-208 or booking an ambulance through our app.


Challenges Faced by An Ambulance in Madhya Pradesh


The geographical structure of Madhya Pradesh is very different. It has more than ten National parks, hilly areas, rural areas, waterfalls, etc. Driving ambulances in these hilly areas is a very difficult task and road conditions are challenging, especially at night.


Madhya Pradesh has a huge population of over 72 million residents. Providing a quality ambulance service is a challenging task for such a large population. Most of the population lives in rural areas and road conditions in most of the rural and remote areas are so bad, making it difficult for ambulances to reach patients quickly and safely. 


Despite to above challenges, MedCab stands as an example of dedication and hard work to improving emergency medical services in Madhya Pradesh. While 108 ambulance in mp not showing any growth in their services.    




Quality and timely emergency ambulance services are the lifeline of any state. Primary medical care can make a significant difference in saving lives. MedCab is known for providing high-quality medical care. We respond immediately to customer booking requests and transport patients as soon as possible from one location to another. All the members of our medical staff are highly trained and professional and capable of handling any emergency medical situation. 


As Madhya Pradesh continues to grow and develop, it is imperative that emergency medical service providers like MedCab receive the support and recognition they deserve to fulfill their primary goal of saving lives across the central part of India.

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