Emergency Ambulance Service in Jharkhand: A Lifesaving Overview

Emergency Ambulance Service in Jharkhand: A Lifesaving Overview

Jharkhand became one of the new states of India after it was split from Bihar in 2000. It was named after the word “Jhar” which means ‘forest’ and “Khand” which means ‘land’. Thus it means forest land, The state is famous for its waterfalls, hills, and temples. It is one of the main mineral resources of India having almost 40% of minerals. Also, forests and woodlands are present in its 29% part of the state which is amongst the highest in India. Ranchi is the capital and sub-capital is Dumka of Jharkhand state.


Despite being so rich in terms of resources, there is a lot of poverty here and people do not even get basic medical facilities properly. Here, most of the people belong to rural areas in fact 76% people of are in rural areas out of which 28% are Scheduled Tribes (ST) according to Jharkhand government official data.


Jharkhand is rich in terms of minerals but it suffers from what is sometimes called the resource curse. Due to the resources, many companies have set up their plants here, in which many harmful gases are released, which give rise to various diseases. The state has a lack of health infrastructure. People of Jharkhand face various health-related issues due to a lack of good medical facilities in most of the areas. The state has AIIMS in Deoghar popular as AIIMS Deoghar for better health services, but it is not enough for that huge population. The government provides ambulances under the “108 emergency service in Jharkhand” scheme. Government ambulance is not able to meet the demand of the people of Jharkhand for adequate ambulances due to a limited number of ambulances. Also, the condition of these ambulances is not good most of the government ambulances do have not modern medical facilities and the latest medical instruments.


Importance and Challenges of Ambulance Service in Jharkhand


People of Jharkhand depend on both government ambulance service and private ambulance services for their medical transportation requirements whether it's emergency or regular medical checkups. Jharkhand govt is trying to provide good health services to the people here, but due to the population of Jharkhand and its geographical structure, this is a very difficult task. That's why there is a need for private ambulance services here every day.


MedCab is the best reliable private ambulance service provider in Jharkhand. We quickly provide ambulances to transport critical patients to nearby cities for better medical care. Our services are available in most of the cities in Jharkhand such as Ambulance in Hazaribagh, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Deoghar, etc. Also, we cover rural and remote areas to deliver necessary ambulance services to rural communities.  Most of the areas in Jharkhand are hilly and unpaved roads, ambulances face challenges in these areas.


Jharkhand Government launched its first Air ambulance services in Ranchi in 2023 but it operates only six cities. MedCab also offers air ambulance services in Jharkhand at an affordable cost and 24/7 availability. It boosts medical transport facilities in the state by connecting it to other metropolitan cities or states in case of advanced medical requirements.


Advantages of MedCab Ambulance Services


MedCab is a notable company that offers all types of emergency ambulance service in Jharkhand including rural and naxal-affected areas. Families or people in need of ambulance services can book an online ambulance via the MedCab app or simply by dialing the Jharkhand ambulance number 18008-908-208. Here are some advantages you can avail by booking an ambulance from MedCab:


Hospital to Hospital Transfer

MedCab is attached to all the major hospitals of Jharkhand to provide you best possible medical treatment in no time. We ensure safe and quick transfers between hospitals for critically ill patients who need specialized care. You can check all your local hospitals' details on the MedCab mobile app.

MedCab works closely with available hospitals in Jharkhand to ensure continued coordination, which can be so important in medical emergencies.


24/7 Availability

MedCab Ambulance Services operates 24/7 to ensure that help is available whenever an emergency arises. We provide our services even during holidays and nights. We understand that every second counts in times of emergency, be it an accident or a heart attack, MedCab is always committed to getting you to the hospital quickly and safely. 


Variety of Ambulances

MedCab has a wide range of ambulances for all kinds of medical conditions. That’s why we are known as the best emergency ambulance provider that can offer you quality service. You can choose an ambulance service in Jharkhand depending on your medical needs and transport requirements. Below are some common types of Ambulances:


Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance: These are the most popular and used ambulances to transport patients. These ambulances are equipped with all the basic medical instruments to provide primary medical care. People commonly use these ambulances in non-critical situations such as medical appointments, general health checkups, or require noncritical care.


Air Ambulance: Most of the areas are hilly in Jharkhand that’s why the Air Ambulance service plays a vital role in these areas. These ambulances transport critical patients to other cities for advanced medical treatment. They are equipped with advanced medical equipment and a highly trained & skilled medical team.


Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances: The advanced life support ambulance has a paramedic or advanced EMTs along with the latest medical instruments. These ambulances are used for those patients requiring more advanced medical care. Also, the ALS ambulance has airway support equipment, cardiac life support, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, and medications. 




Jharkhand is struggling with poverty, poor health infrastructure, and accessibility to proper health care services including emergency ambulance service in Jharkhand’s rural and remote areas. Due to the presence of various types of plants by many companies, the environment here has also been polluted, due to which various diseases have increased. In such a situation, a good ambulance service can be required anytime, MedCab is a leading and popular ambulance provider in Jharkhand. We will provide immediate ambulance services within minutes of your booking request.


In all the districts in Jharkhand, If an accident has to be taken to the nearest hospital for primary medical treatment or elderly should be taken to the hospital for a regular health check-up from home, or a pregnant woman should be taken for delivery, people should call ambulance number in Jharkhand 18008-908-208. Our Staff’s dedication and commitment save countless lives every day, making MedCab the true lifeline of the state.

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