Life-Saving Lifelines: Emergency Ambulance Service In Bihar

Life-Saving Lifelines: Emergency Ambulance Service In Bihar

Bihar is the center of political and cultural power in India. Also, known as a heaven of learning due to its old rich education universities. Patna is the official capital and the largest city of Bihar, It is situated on the bank of river Ganga. Also, it was the third most populated and most densely populated state of India. Providing good healthcare systems to such a large population is a very challenging task. Healthcare systems are not good in the state of Bihar. Every day news is published about the shortcomings of the healthcare systems.


Government Emergency Ambulance Services in Bihar has not a good image among the public. Most of the ambulances are not in good condition and lack modern medical instruments. Also, 108 ambulance service in Bihar didn’t respond quickly in emergencies. The official ambulance no in Bihar is 108. UNICEF released a report on the health services in Bihar, According to this report there are significant gaps and a lack of medical facilities in the infrastructure of health sectors and medical institutions.


MedCab provides private emergency ambulance services in Bihar. Government Ambulance services in Darbhanga face difficulty in providing even primary-level services. MedCab provides ambulance services all over Bihar including rural and remote areas. We also offer an air ambulance service in Bihar to transfer patients immediately. In this blog, We discuss the evolution, impact, and challenges faced by ambulance services and how MedCab become a light of hope in Bihar’s healthcare systems.


Importance and Challenges of Ambulance Service in Bihar


Ambulance services are life savers as they play an important role in medical emergencies by transporting patients to the hospital for their timely assistance. The condition of government ambulance services is not promising. There are not enough ambulances available for such a large population of Bihar. There is no facility to transport critical patients to another metropolitan city by the government. Most of the people in Bihar preferred Delhi over Bihar for better medical treatment. MedCab offers ambulance from Delhi to Bihar at an affordable cost. Also, air ambulance service in Patna city. 


In 2010, The Bihar State Health Society (BSHS) started a medical project known as 108 Ambulance Service in Bihar to provide immediate medical care to those in need. Initially, this scheme was very useful but at this time this scheme did not work so smoothly. Nowadays, people prefer private ambulance services over government ambulance services due to their fast and modern facilities. MedCab is a popular and reliable private ambulance provider in Bihar. It offers ambulance services across all the major cities of Bihar such as ambulance services in Muzaffarpur.


The Importance of the Emergency Ambulance Service in Bihar increases due to its unique geographical, infrastructural, crime rates and healthcare challenges. The major challenge in Bihar for ambulance services is that only 20% of the population of Bihar lives in urban areas. It’s not easy to provide ambulance services in rural and remote areas of Bihar. The condition of roads in these areas is so bad and the public transportation is also not very good.


Advantages of MedCab Ambulance Services


MedCab is one of the finest and most notable ambulance service providers in India. It offers emergency ambulance service in Bihar. Private Ambulance prices in Bihar are so high but thanks to MedCab, it offers all types of ambulance services at an affordable cost.


24/7 Availability


In a medical emergency time is the most important aspect to save lives. MedCab provides ambulance services 24/7, ensuring that medical help is accessible at any time of the day or night. Whether it’s transporting patients between healthcare facilities, or responding to accidents our customer support team is always accessible to the patients or their families.


Experienced Medical Staffs


MedCab has experienced and trained medical staff to provide the best possible primary medical care to patients. Our medical staff are committed to giving all the necessary medical treatment and emotional support to patients and their beloved families.

Easy Booking


You can easily book an online ambulance with the help of MedCab's user-friendly mobile app. Also, you can book ambulance services by just dialing our toll-free number 18008-908-208.


Types of Ambulances


MedCab has a variety of ambulances for emergencies and non-emergencies conditions. We provide and also suggest ambulances according to patient needs and demands.


  1. Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance: This is a popular ambulance that is typically used for non-critical medical patients. It is equipped with necessary medical equipment like oxygen cylinders, stretchers, wheelchairs, etc. 
  2. Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance: This ambulance is used in emergency medical situations. It has all types of advanced medical instruments including cardiac monitors, ventilators, and medications. Also, these ambulances have highly trained medical staff available to deal with all types of medical emergencies.
  3. Air Ambulance: This ambulance is very useful for long-distance or emergency transportation of patients. In Bihar, These ambulances are often used to transfer critical patients from Patna to Delhi. These ambulances have the latest medical equipment and professional medical staff.
  4. Mobile Intensive Care Ambulances (MICA): These ambulances are used for transporting critically ill patients who require continuous monitoring and life support. They are equipped with advanced medical types of equipment.
  5. Mortuary Ambulances: A mortuary ambulance also known as Dead Body Ambulance is used for transporting a dead body from one location to another. These ambulances have freezer box facilities or cooling systems to preserve the body’s condition. 




In today's time, the importance of ambulance services has increased a lot, especially in states like Bihar where the healthcare sectors are not that good. MedCab is known for taking quick response to offer emergency ambulance service in Bihar. Our 24/7 ambulance availability ensures that patients receive expert medical care when it is needed most. 


You can book an ambulance online from the MedCab official app in just a few minutes. You can also call our ambulance no in Bihar 18008-908-208 for emergency ambulance service in Bihar. 


While challenges persist, MedCab’s commitment to improving emergency medical services offers hope for a healthier and safer future for the people of Bihar.

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