MedCab Ambulance Service: A Lifeline in West Bengal's Healthcare Landscape

MedCab Ambulance Service: A Lifeline in West Bengal's Healthcare Landscape

West Bengal is a famous state located in the eastern part of India. This state is situated on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. It is the fourth most populous and thirteenth largest state by area in India and is also the eighth most visited tourist destination in India. In addition, it has three World Heritage Sites, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, the Sundarbans National Park and the Santiniketan. Durga Puja is the most popular and largest celebrated festival in West Bengal. Most of the people of the state live in rural and remote areas. 


In a medical emergency, time is the most crucial aspect. A densely populated and busy state like West Bengal always needs quick and efficient ambulance services. Timely and quality medical care can make the difference between life and death. In recent years, MedCab is emerged as the leading and reliable ambulance service in West Bengal. It offers fast and secure ambulance services in all cities of West Bengal including rural and remote areas. In this blog, we will explore the important role of emergency ambulance services in West Bengal…


Emergency Ambulance Services in West Bengal


In West Bengal, government emergency medical services are available only in big cities like Kolkata, Durgapur, Kharagpur, and Asansol. People in rural areas need a reliable ambulance service to avail timely medical services in times of medical emergency. The condition of government ambulance services is not good, it is limited only to big cities and is not able to provide timely services in small and rural areas of West Bengal.


Government Ambulance Service 


The government of Bengal provides medical transport facilities under the 102 Ambulance Service in West Bengal scheme. The medical transport facilities are available 24/7, Monday to Sunday, free of cost to the people of West Bengal. Government ambulances sometimes fail to provide timely and efficient medical transport facilities to needy people due to limited resources.


Emergency Ambulance Number in West Bengal


The state government is trying to improve the condition of emergency medical services in West Bengal. They launched a new emergency ambulance number in West Bengal- 108 for emergency medical transport services round the clock. The ambulances are equipped with trained healthcare staff and medical equipment to provide necessary medical treatment during an emergency. The ambulances can quickly reach any accident spot or any critical patient after you call an ambulance in West Bengal by dialing 108.


Why Government Ambulance Services failed to provide timely and efficient services in West Bengal:


  • Government ambulances are in limited numbers and it's not enough to provide timely medical transport service to the huge population of the state.


  • Most of the vehicles are not well-maintained.


  • Limited ambulance services, Most of the ambulances are Basic Life Support Ambulances.


  • There is no facility of Air Ambulance Services in West Bengal for the residents of the rural areas by the government.


  • In a medical emergency, a timely and quick response is crucial to save a patient’s life. The response time of these ambulances is very late due to a limited number of vehicles.


  • Lack of highly trained and skilled medical staff in ambulances to provide immediate medical care to patients.


  • Government ambulance services are limited only to urban areas, and people in village areas struggle to get timely and efficient medical transportation facilities.


Why Choose MedCab Ambulance Service in West Bengal


MedCab is the best ambulance service in West Bengal to transfer patients from one location to another. We offer prompt and safe medical transportation services all over the state including villages and rural areas. We understand that time is the most crucial factor in medical emergencies that’s why we offer a quick response to your booking request and dispatch the nearest ambulance to your location within 10 to 15 minutes. It will give patients a better survival chance with quick hospitalization.


Following are some advantages you can get with the MedCab ambulance service in West Bengal:


24/7 Availability: Emergencies don't wait for the right time, and neither does MedCab. We provide round-the-clock service, Monday to Sunday, ensuring that help is just a call away at any time of the day or night. We provide quick and safe ambulance services in all the locations of the state even in its remote and village areas. We offer 24-hour ambulance services in Kolkata, Kharagpur, Durgapur, and all other major and small cities of West Bengal.


Quick Response: We are known for our quick response and expert patient care in medical crises. We have a team of highly trained and skilled medical professionals, drivers, and paramedics who are ready to reach accident places or your location and transfer patients to the nearest hospital. To book an ambulance in West Bengal quickly download the MedCab app.


Expert Care: Our experienced and trained paramedics and medical staff are capable of dealing with all kinds of medical emergencies. They are dedicated to delivering the highest possible care and emotional support that patients and their families need the most at the time of transporting.


Affordable Cost: We offer all types of ambulance services at affordable costs without compromising quality. We don't have hidden or extra charges in our services and you will receive fair and reasonable costs for the best private ambulance service in West Bengal. Also, we provide Air Ambulance Services in West Bengal at competitive prices. Our primary aim is to provide quality ambulance services to all the people of West Bengal without thinking about budget.




MedCab's main aim is to provide quality and affordable ambulance service and to help patients with the best possible medical care during the golden hour. We have a variety of ambulances such as BLS ambulance, ALS ambulance, Air Ambulance Services, and Dead Body Ambulance Services in West Bengal to fulfill all medical transportation requirements of the patients. We are better in Non-Emergency Medical Transport, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Inter-Hospital Transfers, and Neonatal, and Pediatric Transport compared to government ambulance services or other private ambulance service providers of the state. We cover all the major and small cities of West Bengal such as Siliguri, Kharagpur, Asansol, etc.

An emergency can happen at any time, so always be ready with MedCab Ambulance in West Bengal! The MedCab app makes it easy for individuals to book emergency ambulance services promptly. You can also book an ambulance by just dialing our ambulance number in Pune at 18008-908-208 to transfer your loved ones from one location to another. In order to book any ambulances, call our ambulance number in West Bengal 18008-908-208.

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