MedCab Ambulance Service: Ensuring Timely and Quality Care in Punjab

MedCab Ambulance Service: Ensuring Timely and Quality Care in Punjab

Punjab, known as the land of five rivers, is a major state located in the northern part of India. The name Punjab was established by the Mughals and is a combination of Panj meaning five and Ab meaning water, thus it is the land of five rivers. These five rivers are Sutlej, Chenab, Beas, Jhelum and Ravi but only Sutlej, Beas and Ravi rivers flow in today's Punjab and Jhelum and Chenab now flow in the Punjab state of Pakistan. The state capital is Chandigarh which is also a union territory and also the the capital of Haryana state. Chandigarh is one of India’s most planned and beautiful cities. Agriculture is the mainstay of Punjab's economy and it's known as India's breadbasket.

Despite being such a prosperous state, Punjab is still struggling for quality ambulance services. People here mostly have to rely on privately-run ambulance services for reliable ambulance services. Emergency can happen any time and when they do every second counts. Having a reliable and efficient ambulance service can make a significant impact on saving lives. MedCab is a popular ambulance service provider in Punjab, It offers quality services in all the cities of the State. It is known as one of the most popular and leading ambulance services in Ludhiana, Punjab’s largest city. It offers prompt and efficient ambulance service in Punjab at an affordable cost. In this blog, we will discuss the condition of emergency ambulance service in Punjab and why MedCab is a better choice than Punjab ambulance service and other privately run ambulance services.


Emergency 108 Ambulance Service in Punjab


The Punjab Government runs ambulances under the 108 Ambulance Punjab scheme the launched date of 108 Ambulance service in Punjab was 31st March 2011. The Department of Health and Family Welfare has started an emergency ambulance service in Punjab to provide free-of-cost ambulance services to the residents of the state. Also, They started a facility where people of Punjab can Dial emergency Ambulance Number in Punjab 108 or 102 to call an Ambulance.

108 Ambulance Punjab is predominantly an emergency response system (ERS), mainly designed to attend to patients of emergency and non-emergency medical care, While Dial 102 ambulance service provides emergency services to pregnant women, children and Infants.

Punjab Ambulance Service has sometimes failed to provide efficient and quality ambulance service to the people due to its limited resources and bad management. Recently, Punjab’s 108 Ambulance Employee Association announced an indefinite strike all over the state. They demanded that the Government of Punjab take back control of the ambulance service from the private company operating it. Due to the strike, no government ambulance was providing its service due to which common people had to face a lot of difficulties for patient transfer.


Condition of Government Ambulance Services in Punjab

The condition of ambulances running in Punjab is in pathetic condition and should be called patient transfer vehicles and not ambulances.


Limited Resources: government ambulance services have failed to provide top-notch quality service due to the unavailability of the necessary life-support system in existing ambulance Services in the area especially in rural and remote areas. The handful of life support ambulances do not have a Ventilator System enabled in them. Most of the ambulances don’t have oxygen cylinders and modern medical equipment. The unavailability of resources needed for critical care leads to delays in treatment.


Limited Ambulances: The objective is to have approximately 325 ambulances in the state (one ambulance for a population of 1.20 lakh) in a phased manner. The number of ambulances for such a large population is very limited due to which not everyone gets timely service. Limited assistance and a lack of advanced ambulances lead to long wait times for assistance during crisis situations. 


Lack of Trained Staff: Most of the ambulances do not have trained and professional medical staff to provide efficient and prompt medical care on the scene of the incident. There are only two people one driver and one technician are available in the ambulances. Efficient and expert medical care is crucial in handling a patient’s condition in an emergency.


Inconsistent Quality: The quality of government-run ambulance services can vary from one region to another. They do not provide quality and timely ambulance services in all the major cities like Amritsar etc. 108 Ambulance Service in Ludhiana requires more ambulances due to its large population. 


MedCab Ambulance Service: A Lifeline for Punjab


MedCab emerged as a ray of hope for the people of Punjab with its reliable and quality ambulance services in Punjab. We cover all the major cities of Punjab from ambulance service in Mohali in the northeast, Punjab to ambulance service in Patiala in the southeast of the state.


Quick response Times: In a medical emergency, time is the most important aspect, timely treatment can save patients’ lives in critical medical conditions. MedCab understands the importance of a timely response that’s why our professional team respond quickly to your booking request and dispatches ambulance quickly according to your need.


Well-Equipped Ambulances: MedCab ambulances are equipped with modern medical equipment to provide high-quality medical care to patients. Also, highly trained paramedics are available in ambulances to operate these advanced life-saving medical instruments. Timely assistance and efficient medical care can be important in critical situations.


Affordable Cost: We provide fast and secure ambulance services in Punjab at an affordable cost. Our services don’t have any hidden charges or extra costs. You received a proper bill for your services and we accept a variety of payment methods, making access to our services hassle-free.


Easy Booking: MedCab offers easy booking for ambulance services for the people of Punjab. You can easily book an ambulance online through MedCab App in a few taps. You can also call our Punjab Ambulance Number 18008-908-208 for a booking.

In Punjab, the need for an efficient and affordable ambulance service is fulfilled by MedCab. We offer all types of ambulances like Air Ambulance Punjab, Dead Body Ambulance in Punjab and ALS-Advanced Life Support ambulance & BLS-Basic Life Support ambulance service. MedCab’s timely and efficient ambulance service in emergency situation has earned the trust of the people of Punjab and made MedCab, the best ambulance service in Punjab.

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