MedCab Ambulance Service: Revolutionizing Emergency Care in Gujarat

MedCab Ambulance Service: Revolutionizing Emergency Care in Gujarat

Gujarat is located in the western part of India and is known as the “Jewel of Western India”. Gandhinagar is the official capital of the state and Gujarati is the official language. Gujarat is famous for its beaches, temples, ancient places and historic capitals. Also, Wildlife sanctuaries, Gir National Park, hill resorts and Natural sceneries are gifts of Gujarat. Apart from these Gujarat is famous for its Asiatic lions, the Rann of Kutch (White Desert), festivals, culture, colorful handicrafts and foods. The state has the longest coastline in India about 1,600 km.

In times of medical emergencies, every second counts and having a reliable ambulance service can play a crucial role in saving lives. Like any other state of India, Gujarat is no exception when it comes to the need for reliable emergency ambulance services. MedCab has emerged as one of the most trusted and reliable ambulance services in Gujarat. We started providing quality and timely as a private ambulance service in Ahmedabad and now provide ambulance services to all the major cities of the state. In this Blog, We will discuss Gujarat ambulance services and explain why MedCab is a better choice for the people of Gujarat.


Government Ambulance Service in Gujarat


The government of Gujarat launched 108 Service in Gujarat to provide free ambulance service in Gujarat. 108 ambulance service started in Gujarat by the then Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who is also the current Prime Minister of India on 29 August 2007. The Gujarat Government took inspiration from Andra Pradesh where 108 ambulance schemes with life-saving services became very popular in the rural part of the state. Also, the Dial 102 ambulance service is available for pregnant women, children and infantry in Gujarat.

The Health Department of Gujarat and GVK EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute) jointly run the 108 Ambulance Service in Gujarat. GVK EMRI is a non-profit organization in India and the largest ambulance service provider in the world. It provides emergency medical services coverage to 800 million people across the globe till now. They launched the service of Air Ambulance Gujarat the previous year to transfer patients for long journeys but it failed to provide top-notch service, especially in the rural part of the state.


Government Ambulance Service in Gujarat: The ground reality  


Limited Availability: The government ambulance service was launched keeping the rural areas in mind, but now it is often concentrated in urban areas and their availability in rural areas has reduced considerably. This results in delayed response times and reduced access to emergency care for the people of villages and remote areas.


Limited Resources: The number of ambulances is very low compared to the population of Gujarat. Also, most ambulances are not well-maintained and lack modern medical equipment. Limited resources can lead to unreliable service and compromised patient care.


Management Issues: The government ambulance service appears to lack some proper management due to interference from politics and local leaders. We hear about ambulance strikes in the news from time to time, such strikes put innocent patients in danger. The situation is even worse in serious medical conditions.


Lack of Professionals: Most of the 108 ambulances in Gujarat don’t have enough trained and skilled medical professionals to provide immediate and efficient medical care to the patients en route to transportation. Also, ambulances are basic types and lack modern medical instruments which can slow down response times and hinder efficient operations.


MedCab Ambulance Service: A Beacon of Hope in Gujarat


MedCab emerged as a beacon of hope in Gujarat with its prompt and efficient ambulance services in the state of Gujarat. We have spread our network of ambulances across the entire state of Gujarat and have established relationships with almost all the major government and non-government hospitals of the state. So that you can be provided quick assistance in times of emergency. That’s why we are a popular ambulance service provider in Gujarat. MedCab is the best ambulance service in Surat, the diamond city of Gujarat.


Quick response Times: In a medical emergency, time is the most crucial thing, timely and efficient medical care can save patients’ lives in medical emergency situations. We understand the importance of quick response that’s why our committed team takes immediate action on your booking request and dispatches an ambulance quickly according to your needs.


Well-Equipped Ambulances: MedCab has well-equipped ambulances with all the latest life-saving medical equipment to provide high-quality medical care to patients. Also, a highly trained and skilled medical team is available in the ambulance to operate these advanced life-saving medical equipment. Immediate assistance and efficient medical care can be crucial to save patients' lives in critical situations.


Affordable Cost: Our aim is to provide high-quality ambulance services to people from all sections of society that’s why we are the most affordable Gujarat ambulance service. Our ambulance Gujarat services don’t have any hidden charges or extra costs. You received a fair price for your services and we accept a variety of payment methods, making access to our services hassle-free.


Easy Booking: It is a pure blessing to have an easy and fast booking method during the toughest times. Medcab offers easy online ambulance booking with the help of the Medcab App. You can book an ambulance online through MedCab App quickly. You can also call our Gujarat Ambulance Number 18008-908-208 to book an ambulance or any type of information our customer support team is available 24/7 at your service.



While the government 108 ambulance service in Gujarat is struggling to provide quality and efficient ambulance services, MedCab has emerged as a leader in shifting patients quickly and safely in case of emergency. Additionally, MedCAB has rapidly expanded its ambulance network to cover both urban and rural areas of Gujarat. We provide our services from the most modern city to the most cultural city of Gujarat, our ambulance service in Vadodara, the cultural city of the state stands at the top among other ambulance services. You can expect a timely ambulance in Gujarat to your needs.

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