MedCab's Journey to Saving Lives: Emergency Ambulance Service in Haryana

MedCab's Journey to Saving Lives: Emergency Ambulance Service in Haryana

Haryana, a landlocked state in India located in the northern part of the country. The state's capital is Chandigarh, also the joint capital of Punjab. Gurgaon is the most developed city of Haryana but the most populous city is Faridabad. Haryana state has a decent population and traffic that’s why medical emergencies are pretty common here. The demand for ambulance services in Ambala is high as a large number of people are transported from Ambala to hospitals in Gurgaon, Chandigarh, or Delhi for advanced treatments.


The people of Haryana depend on both government ambulance services and private ambulance services for their medical transportation needs. MedCab is the best ambulance service in Haryana and nearby places in the state. It is the most reliable ambulance service that provides quality ambulance service in all the cities of Haryana like ambulance services in Rohtak, Ambala, Gurgaon, Hisar, Faridabad, Panipat, etc. We have successfully served the state in all medical situations whether emergency or non-emergency time. Almost all our customers are satisfied with our services.


MedCab provides the best emergency ambulance services in Haryana. We offer well-equipped ambulances 24/7 at your service when you need them most. You can easily book an ambulance in Haryana, with our ambulance no Haryana 18008-908-208 and MedCab App where you can book an ambulance within seconds. The moment you book our service, our team start our services towards you and reach you as soon as possible. According to our data, the average time our ambulance takes to reach your location after booking is 10 minutes.


Government Ambulance Service in Haryana


In any medical emergency, the ability to respond quickly can make all the difference between life and death. Government ambulance services are struggling to provide timely and quality ambulance services in Haryana. 

The condition of the Haryana ambulance service is not top-notch, especially in rural and remote areas. Haryana Ambulance number is 108 but it is not completely free. If you want to go to private hospitals or clinics in case of emergency will be charged Rs. 7 per kilometer for Basic Life Support ambulances and 15 per kilometer for both Neonate Care Ambulances and Advanced Life Support ambulances.


Shortage of Ambulances: The population of Haryana is 25,351,462 which includes 65.12% of people living in rural areas. For such a large population only 622 ambulances (157 Advance Life Support, 166 Basic Life Support ambulances, 262 Patient Transport Ambulances, and 31 Kilkari/Back to home, 6 Neonatal ambulances) are operational, which are very low number for the residents of Haryana.


Uneven Distribution: Haryana Ambulance Services are mainly focused in urban areas and have limited reach in rural remote areas of the Haryana district. This imbalance in ambulance distribution further exacerbates healthcare disparities.


Maintenance and Equipment: Most of the Haryana government’s ambulances suffer from poor maintenance and a lack of essential medical equipment. Due to this the patient does not receive necessary primary medical treatment at the spot or en route to transportation.


Shortage of Trained Staff: Many ambulances have not trained professional medical staff to provide timely medical care to the patients. The state faces challenges in recruiting and retaining skilled paramedics and experienced drivers.


Response Time: Due to the lack of ambulances and traffic congestion, ambulance response times can be longer the ideal. 108 ambulance no in Haryana many times can not connect properly or in waiting. This problem can be commonly seen in rural and remote areas.


Communication and Coordination: Haryana Ambulance Service does not have proper communication and coordination with government hospitals or any other private hospitals due to which the patient and his family have to face problems. The patient also does not get proper and timely treatment.


MedCab is your trusted ambulance partner in Haryana. We ensure that residents across Haryana receive timely and quality healthcare during medical emergencies. We have well-maintained and well-equipped ambulances in all the major cities of Haryana and rural areas. We also provide ambulance services in Rohtak all the small districts of the state.


Why Prefer MedCab Ambulance Services in Haryana?


MedCab understands that when it comes to medical emergencies, every moment is crucial that’s why we offer a comprehensive and efficient solution to meet your emergency medical transportation needs. Following are some key reasons why you should choose MedCab Ambulance Service in Haryana.


24/7 Availability: Medcab is always ready to serve you 24/7. Our dedicated team provides you with timely ambulance service irrespective of day or night so that your loved ones stay safe. Our customer support team responds quickly to your ambulance booking request and dispatch services as quickly as possible.


Trained and Certified Staff: MedCab understands how crucial is to provide primary medical treatment on the scene at the time of serious medical emergencies. Our ambulance team consists of highly trained and skilled medical staff who are able to handle all medical emergencies during transport patients to hospitals for advanced medical care. Their primary aim is to stabilize patients during transportation.


Advanced Medical Equipment: MedCab ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art and latest medical equipment including wheelchairs, defibrillators, Oxygen cylinders, ventilators, heart monitors, and diagnostic tools. This ensures that patients receive comprehensive medical care during transit.


Affordable Ambulance Service: MedCab is known for offering competitive pricing without compromising on our quality. We provide high-quality ambulance service in Haryana at an affordable cost because we understand that medical expenses can be a concern in emergencies.


Easy Booking: We understand the urgency of ambulances in emergency situations. That’s why MedCab offers easy online booking options via our user-friendly MedCab App or website MedCab.in. You can book an ambulance with just a few taps on your smartphone from anywhere or by dialing MedCab’s Haryana ambulance number 18008-908-208.


MedCab ensures that help is just a few moments away for the people of Haryana, even remote and underserved areas have access to timely emergency care. You can track your patient’s ambulances via the MedCab app.      

MedCab actively participates in public awareness campaigns and community engagement initiatives in all the districts in Haryana. Our medical team educates people about the importance of emergency medical services, and the importance of ambulances for individuals to seek timely help during emergencies.

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